Infamous dating game contestants

When Cosmopolitan journalist Nicola Gill, then 27, was tasked with going under the radar to report on the show's inner workings, she came undone in front of a live audience.

Gill pretended she was a secretary and plucked innocent Paul Mankelow out for a date.

She's still singing and lists an illustrious set of names she's worked with on her website including Kylie Minogue, Chaka Khan and Jocelyn Brown.

Perhaps not the first place a vicar might look for love, Simon Gatenby unsurprisingly didn't find it in a London television studio.

You work for Cosmopolitan magazine...'It's just a shame you tried to pull the wool over our eyes... 'Gill wrote after the show aired in 1998: 'Paul looks stunned. The aristocrat from Venice later confirmed that he was in fact gay and continues to enjoy a privileged life living in London; his Facebook page carries his family crest and under the header: Work, are the words: 'What's that mean "Work"?

Cilla said: 'Well Nicola, I have to say I've got more than a little surprise for you.

who left the show with a 'lorra lorra' nothing at all, and certainly not love?

Here, FEMAIL trots down memory lane and unearths a handful of the more memorable characters who found themselves sat in one of the famous daters' chairs.

His Instagram account is littered with images from his travels in South East Asia and his Twitter bio sees him describing himself as an: 'International Traveller, film maker for youtube (Geoffcarter) Cook, Artist. and all round top banana.' Jon Wiltshire impressed Cilla first time around with his unique leather hat - covering his billiard ball-smooth bonce - in 1996.

When the celebration show aired in 2013, he was back in the chair..won the chance of a romantic tete-a-tete again.

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